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The Diner

“When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw that Randy’s was now called Pippy’s Diner. Other than that, the building still looked the same. I headed inside and sat down at the counter in front of a waitress with long brown hair and cute dimples. When she opened her mouth to speak, I saw a big hunk of metal sticking through her tongue. She slithered her tongue around in her mouth, fiddling with the piercing between her teeth as she handed me a menu. If it hadn’t been for the bored look on her face, I would have thought she was propositioning me.

After I ordered a coffee, I asked her for an ashtray and pulled out my pack of cigarettes. She pointed at a “no smoking” sign and told me that New Hampshire law no longer allowed smoking indoors. I rolled my eyes and stuff my pack back in my jacket. Just great.

– Exerpt from Train of Consequences

The Nook and The Facebook Page

My book is finally available on the Nook!  And I finally have a facebook page for the book!  I’m new at blogging, so cut me some n00b slack 🙂

Train of Consequences

My new book, Train of Consequences, is now available!  Find it at,, and  It  has won two awards from my publisher already (Editor’s Choice and Rising Star).  Check out the description of my book, interviews, reviews, etc. on my website