The Diner

“When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw that Randy’s was now called Pippy’s Diner. Other than that, the building still looked the same. I headed inside and sat down at the counter in front of a waitress with long brown hair and cute dimples. When she opened her mouth to speak, I saw a big hunk of metal sticking through her tongue. She slithered her tongue around in her mouth, fiddling with the piercing between her teeth as she handed me a menu. If it hadn’t been for the bored look on her face, I would have thought she was propositioning me.

After I ordered a coffee, I asked her for an ashtray and pulled out my pack of cigarettes. She pointed at a “no smoking” sign and told me that New Hampshire law no longer allowed smoking indoors. I rolled my eyes and stuff my pack back in my jacket. Just great.

– Exerpt from Train of Consequences

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